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Why is it that an extra day feels like an eternity on a long weekend? It makes such a difference having those extra 24 hours--want to read a book for half of the day, sit at a bar all day, sure why not? You have an extra day. This weekend I made the most of each moment and felt like I packed it all in but still relaxed a lot. Here are the 10 things I did this weekend:

1. Made a delicious breakfast
2. Read 1/3 of my very long book, Forever Amber (a scandalous book published in 1944)
3. Downed two strong margaritas
4. Caught the bouquet at a wedding
5. Spent 10 hours at a bar cheering for my home team (who is going to the Super Bowl yippee!)
6. Met a new friend
7. Picked up some serious steals 70% off on sale
8. Watched a hilarious movie written, directed and acted in by Lake Bell "In A World"
9. Got out of the city and went somewhere new, The Marin County Mart (which is adorable especially the store Roberta Roller Rabbit)
10. Finally ordered a FitBit to keep me on track and Tory Burch is coming out with a spring line for them!

I hope you had a great weekend as well!