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To me having flowers are a non-negotiable expense. They bring so much happiness that I would have quite a difficult time giving them up. Flowers can be very expensive but if you know a few tricks you can make a little budget bouquet go a long ways. My favorite place to shop for flowers is Trader Joe's because their flowers are so cheap! The flowers below were $4. That's less than some lattes, so sign me up.

Let's help you transform these stems into some gorgeous arrangements.

First up, pick a bouquet with monochromatic colors. It will instantly look more expensive. My go-to combination is white and greens but I also like pinks. This bouquet had whites, pinks, yellows and purples. Also make sure that your bouquet has what I call and "anchor flower" basically a larger flower, 1-3 of them that help provide some size to the bouquet. Otherwise it will look like your bouquet is just filler flowers.

Here are all of the flowers in one arrangement. Just simple, all of them together.

For the first arrangement I took out the white flowers and the yellow flowers (sorry dont know all of the names!) These two work well together because they are a similar color scheme and they have a very different textures. I also really like how they pop with the bright blue vase.

Then take the "anchor flower" and put it in its own bud vase and allow it to shine. This mum is such a stand-out on its own.

This ended up being my favorite arrangement. I took all of the magenta flowers and put them together. I saved a few of the little white flowers when they fell off during cutting. Adding those in helps to break up all of the magenta.

Lastly I took the pink flowers and put them in their own vase because they were substantial enough to live by themselves. Here are our 4 bouquets. 

A note about the containers. Some of my favorite vases are mason jars, cleaned out jam jars, cordial glasses. Take a look around your kitchen to find good little vases.

Then you can place the flowers around your house to bring a little life everywhere. I can't tell you how nice it is to wake up to flowers on your bedside.

 On the coffee table.

In the bathroom, a little dose of color.