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I was at the art store this weekend and I spotted these mirrors. I'm not much of a DIY-er but I thought that these would make the perfect coasters.

Here's how to make these super-easy, very chic coasters...

First assemble your supplies: 4 small round mirrors, 3 colors of varnish (I think that you could even use nail polish to paint them), 1 roll of blue tape, a disposable paint brush and plastic dots.

First take your mirrors and tape and start creating shapes.

I did stripes, polka dots (using a hole puncher), chevron, triangles. Make sure to push the tape tight against the mirror so that the shapes come out clearly.

Paint the shapes using the varnish. I had to layer on a few coats so it was opaque.

Let the paint dry for 30 minutes and peel off the tape.

Clean up the shapes using nail polish remover and q-tips. The shapes that turned out the best were lines and the polka dots are more challenging. But I love them!

Make sure to add the feet on the bottom so the coasters dont slip around.

 Use 'em and stack them up when you are done. Enjoy. Can't wait to see what you create.