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I don't mean to come off as smug or obnoxious, but not a day goes by where I dont appreciate where I live. I have been in San Francisco for five years now and I discover new things everyday. Ive also been living here long enough to have my little routines.

One of my favorite weekend traditions is visiting the Fort Mason farmers market. Although it is just a short walk from my house, riding my bike gets me there even faster. Once I securely lock up my bike and pray that its still there when I get back, I beeline it to the flower stand.

Im sure you know by now that I love fresh flowers, they are such a necessary treat. Spring brings all sorts of lovely flowers, especially my favorites, anemones and ranunculuses. The flowers aren't too expensive at $5 a bunch and they last through the entire week. I picked up two bunches of ranunculuses in pretty shades of coral and white. 

My next stop is the incredible French pastry stand, if not to only ooogle at the sea of buttery goodness. They have the most authentic French pastries I have had in San Francisco. 

After that I visit a few produce stands and sample the fresh sun ripened strawberries that you just dont get in a store. Also there were some pretty handsome bunches of asparagus too.

Lastly, at the request of my sister, we stopped at the fresh dumpling stand. They make these pan seared dumplings on site. We picked up some of the pork and cabbage dumplings. They are so fresh and delicious. The perfect end to a lovely morning at the farmer's market.

So that is a little peek into one of my weekend must-dos. Do you have any weekend traditions?