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You know when you discover something and you can't stop telling people about it. Like at a party you just feel compelled to let someone know about your latest obsession and they didn't actually, really ask you about it? 

Well that is how I feel about coconut oil. It is my latest beauty (not cooking!) obsession. Its got a lot of things going for it: 

1. It smells like vacation
2. It is cheap (go for organic and extra virgin)
3. A little goes a long ways
4. It is 100% natural and vegan
5. It has millions of uses 

I personally like to moisturize with it when I get out of the shower. Then when I go to bed I put a little on my face and on my cuticles. If you haven't stared putting oil on your face, start now. It won't make you break out (well maybe if your skin is sensitive, try a spot first) and it will actually pull the impurities from your skin. I also like to rub a little on the ends of my hair as a overnight mask. 

Are you sold yet? If not maybe these pics will help...