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I was going to make this post about how to find things on Craigslist. That was, until I realized that there really isn't any particular advice I can give you. It is really a combination of luck and persistence. I think that is why Craigslist is great and why, sometimes, sooooo annoying when you just want something, likerightnow.

I was lucky enough to score this cute mid-century dresser for $50 this past weekend. I had been looking for a dresser for about a month. I knew there were no shoddy IKEA dressers in my future and I didn't want to spend much. There are quite a few dressers online but looking for the quality wood ones is actually pretty challenging.

I found this one and scooped it up. I actually liked the knobs it came with so decided to paint them gold to give them a little glam. Im still searching for what those two top knobs are going to be. I decided not to keep the ones that came with it even though I painted them. Right now I have some coral ones on there but those aren't feeling right either. I figure, I waited this long to get the dresser, what's a few more weeks for the perfect knobs.

Here are a few pictures from my "restoration" of the dresser. I painted knobs, then lined the drawers with new contact paper and polished up the wood. Its looking quite nice!