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I love flea markets, they are the best place to find pieces that give personality to your space. While I wish that I could buy everything at the market for some mythical house somewhere, I have to just look for now. I wanted to share a few of my discoveries with you from this past weekend in case you were wondering what treasures are at the flea market .

I just loved how colorful these pins were, especially displayed against the equally as colorful background. It would be fun to collect a few of these and display them like this.

I know globes are trendy decorative objects right now but I couldn't resist taking a picture of this precious stone inlayed treasure. It combines two of my favorite things: stones and maps. Didn't take a look at the price but I bet it costs a pretty penny.

I love rocks and I love jewelry (and cupcakes but that is another story). So these gems (literally) that were only $5 were a "duh, you have to buy that" Put it on a long chain. Done.

I obviously loved these agate slices too. Usually these run for $14+ as a coaster. These slices were a little bigger than a coaster but I could see them making a great paperweight or a base for a pillar candle.

These are from the same shop as the above things. It was a big-ol-bucket of printing blocks soaked in ink. It would be great to find a way to frame or mount these and install them as a piece of wall art.

So Im not sure if these really qualify as "antiques" but they are fabulous minimalist tables with live edges. If I was handier I would just whip a few of these up but alas, Im not. These would look great if you were trying to achieve a gender-neutral look.

Ah if only I had the space this gem would have been mine. Its gold. Its huge. It only cost $125. Sold. I really wish I could have taken this home. It would look great in a slightly larger space than my studio. ;-)

Some of you may think this chair is slightly creepy but just think of it like leather. I love it because of its shape. It looks like it belongs in some huge NYC loft.

Its a little hard to see these cute pillows but they are repurposed Indian sari fabric. The contrast between the neon and the neutral really makes them pop. Im also always a sucker for a good indigo piece.

Mmmm…lemonade break.

I was a sailing instructor growing up so cannot resist a little nautical touch. I especially love those life preservers at $35 a pop, they provide a big impact for a minimal price. The aged glass buoys are also really pretty, just look how the sun shines through them.

 In scents Im like an old grandma, its lavender and rose for me. These beautiful sachets that were cross-stitched really tempted me. They are made from vintage french fabric. But at $16 they were a little pricey for me.

Lunch break at Chairman Bao for some delicious pork buns. Got to have a little sustenance.

Here are the treasures that I got.

1. My lovely crystal necklace (added the chain) $5
2. Elizabeth II tea cup with mint saucer - no idea what to do with this but it was just so darn beautiful ($8)
3. Camera - just a little non-working camera I picked up for a design client of mine who is a photographer ($10)
4. House jar - I mean how cute is this? I couldn't resist. ($10)

All photos my own taken with an iPhone.