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Today we are talking about these beautiful candles from Catherine Ellen.  They are perfect for an early evening cocktail and cheese party with your gals. You know the ones where you swear that you are going out after, but end up drinking too much at home, and just decide to stay in and talk all night? Yeah those nights. I love that the candles are different heights and are in various vintage-inspired glasses. They are also unscented soy wax so they burn cleanly.

I paired them with beautiful ballet pink roses that opened up perfectly, a little cheese plate and some strawberry smash cocktails (recipe is at the end of the post). In small apartments it can be difficult to find the space to host people so I just converted my dresser into a buffet by adding a fabric runner and a few accessories from around the apartment. Then guests can pick up a cocktail and bite when they arrive and settle in for a long night of laughing and catching up. Who's coming over?

Here's how you whip up a little refreshing spring-ey cocktail:

This post was developed in partnership with Catherine Ellen and candles were gifted. The photography, styling and opinions are all my own.