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When someone asks you to come to their house in Sonoma for the day, you say yes. You dont question it, you just go. There is something immediately relaxing about being away from the city and amongst the sprawling fields of vines. The day we went it was beautiful. The sun was shining and the wisteria had just bloomed, its little purple blooms and fragrance wafting through the breeze. I didn't have my camera, just an iPhone but it was able to capture the relaxed, sun-soaked feel of the day. There are quite a few pictures but I hope you dont mind.

Here are a few things to know about my mini-trip…

To Stay
My friend's house is actually for rent. It sleeps eight, is on a vineyard, has a pool and a pool house. As you can see below,  it is absolutely dreamy. Find out more here.

To Eat
We ate at VJB Winery where they have an outdoor pizza oven in a piazza-style courtyard. I hear their wines are delish too.

To Visit
We stopped by Ram's Gate Winery. They were closed for a private event but they allowed us to wander the grounds and snap some pics. The aesthetic of the place is incredible as are the panoramic views. I couldn't get enough of the special details everywhere. Highly recommend visiting if you can.