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Sometimes its hard to escape the comfort of the everyday routine. It's easy and familiar and predictable. There isn't a risk in it. So we cocoon ourselves in the routine and hope nothing will come to prod us out. The truth is that sometimes we need to be prodded out. Pushed beyond the familiar to try something new. It will be uncomfortable at first but walking away from it, you will feel changed. You conquered something that scared you and that gives you courage to face other changes that may come.

This weekend I went on a friend's birthday trip with 10 other ladies and one fabulous and very brave gay gentleman, up in the mountains on a rather idyllic lake. It was a weekend filled with the smell of sunscreen, the sounds of buzzing boats, conversations with new friends and delicious family-style meals. It took me away from the routine I have established over the last few months and gave me perspective on the direction I want to keep moving in. On the ride back to the city I thought about how grateful I was to get away and how refreshed I feel.

A few little snippets about the weekend:

An hour north of Fresno, near the entrance of Yosemite Park, there is a beautiful lake called Bass Lake. It took us about 4 hours to drive there from SF.

We were lucky enough to stay at my friend's grandma's house. It was evident that the house has seen plenty of wonderful family memories. It was the perfect place to stay. I looked on AirBnB and it seems like there are plenty of wonderful rental options as well.

We pitched in and bought all of the food at the grocery store for the weekend. The group was very good at cooking and we ate some really delicious dishes. My favorites were the poppyseed ham and cheese sandwiches, the incredibly simple salt and pepper steak, and the brown butter rice crispy treats. The best part was that it was so cost efficient. It inspired me to cook more this week.

We spent most of the time lounging near the water. I was very diligent about wearing sunscreen and covering up with a hat. I left tan and not burnt at all (small victory!). My new swimsuit was a big hit and super comfortable. I spent some time reading my new book, All the Light We Cannot See. It is really beautiful so far.

Here are a few pics from the weekend...

Hope you guys have a good start to this short week!