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In my opinion, one of the best ways to spend your money is on experiences. Trips don't give you something tangible but they stick with you for your whole life and become part of you. I have been quite fortunate to travel to many places around the world and lived in Florence for a few months in college. Each of these experiences has made me who I am today. Whether you are traveling to find out more about yourself, to explore a new culture or just relax (or all three) it is all worth it.

While I can't be jet-setting constantly, I can live vicariously through some of my favorite bloggers. I have pulled together a list below of five inspirational travel places below. Hopefully some day soon I'll be boarding a plane too on my way to one of these special locals. Until then, there are pretty pictures...

No. 1 designlovefest // Tulum

I love the color in all of these photos. The food looks so fresh and the girls look so relaxed. The smell of the salt water and tropical air is almost tangible.

No. 2 Bright Bazaar // Balearic Islands

Obviously Will loves color but this is no where more apparent than his images of the Balearic Islands. He is planning his wedding there, which I'm sure will be an inspirational post of its own.

No. 3 Aspiring Kennedy // Paris 

This lucky lady is actually living in Paris so not really a trip, but inspirational none-the-less. Her beautiful images of food, places to visit and her adorable daughter make me want to hop on a plane to my favorite city.

No. 4 & 5 (image above) Jamie Beck // Rio de Janerio // Morocco

Jamie is the queen of lust-worthy travel photography. I could spend hours looking at her website and incredible pictures. I think if I could pick to switch lives with one person for the week, it would be her. I had to put two images in here from her because she is just that good.