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You know when its hot outside and turning on the oven sounds like the worst idea ever? Well these spring rolls perfect for that occasion. And all of the other times when cooking sounds like too much work as does the dishes that come with it. You can buy the rice paper from most major grocery stores and just keep it on hand in the cupboard for moments like this.

Now to the subject of what goes inside of the rolls. It can really be anything you want. I have tried a variety of things but always come back to the ingredients laid out below. I like to put tofu in there for the "meat" of the roll. But you could just as easily substitute shrimp or chicken. I usually do some sort of sprout (these are micro greens) I always have a cucumber for crunch and an avocado because I put avocado on nearly everything. My special secret is grated ginger. It adds the most wonderful flavor to the roll.

 To get the rice paper ready you fill a large mixing bowl with hot water. Not too hot that you can't put your hands in it. Then you give that sheet a little dunk. And the basket pattern starts to disappear.

When the paper is ready it will get a little crumply in the bottom of the bowl. Don't let it sit too long in the water or else it will become mushy.

 Take it out and lay it on your surface. Stack the ingredients on top of each other in the center of the circle.

 Fold over the one side of the circle and fold in the sides (like they fold a burrito)

Roll it up tightly but not too tight that the paper rips. I admit I could use some practice with this. Mine always end up a little lumpy. Then slice your roll into 1 inch pieces.

 See they aren't wrapped perfectly but they still look pretty! Serve with peanut sauce or my favorite, Trader Joe's spicy peanut dressing. That was easy wasn't it? What would you add to your spring rolls?