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Notice something a little different around here? Well, I have been tweaking the design of the page a little here and there. Hopefully you like the new site. Not vastly different but simplified a bit.

Now lets toast with a super easy cocktail. One of my favorite local spots for a great cocktail and a fabulous buratta pizza is Delarossa. They have this one drink called a Salty Dog. I could gulp at least 3 down in a row. So I decided that I had to learn how to make them. Turns out it is easy (like 3 steps easy) and tastes incredible.

Step No. 1

Assemble ingredients: grapefruit juice (fresh-squeezed is best), vodka, St. Germain, salt flakes (like Madron)

Step No. 2

Dip each glass in water then in the salt flakes to rim the glass with salt. 

Step No. 3

Put an ice cube in a each glass. Pour 1.5oz (or the large size of the jigger) of vodka over the ice. Then add 1/2 cup of grapefruit juice. Splash in 1/2 oz of St. Germain. Stir. 

Step No. 4

Serve to your lucky guests. 

Photos by Ashley Batz.