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This weekend I had the opportunity to travel up to Healdsburg to enjoy the sunshine poolside at Francis Ford Coppola Winery. They have a pretty sweet deal where you rent a cabana and have poolside service all day long. I found myself soaking up the sun while sipping on sparkling wine and reading my latest book. In the foggy days of summer in San Francisco, it is always good to drive outside of the city and see a little sunshine.

On our way up to the pool we made a pitstop at The Shed. It was on my list of places to visit ever since I saw a picture of it a few months ago. I couldn't get over how beautiful the space was. The huge windows gave the building a light, airy feel but the organized products added an element of industrial order. I loved the modernization of classic items like Weck jars and cookbooks. 

A great place to pick up a little bite to eat on the way up to wine country.

Details in the bathroom. The perfect marriage of modern and country.

Then we arrived at the pool. A wonderful oasis to sip sparkling wine and relax. Pretty perfect, huh?

There is something so peaceful about a sparkling pool. 

They also have a very picturesque bocce ball court.

I know, another cocktail (I promise I only had two) was a "Luxury Lemonade" It was a heavenly mixture of lemon vodka, lemonade and sparkling wine. 

Our little cabana fitted with a shower and place to stash your clothes. 

Inside we were treated to complimentary wine tasting. Love the colorful labels on these bottles. 

Oh you know, just 5 Academy Awards (not pictured the 6 Golden Globes). 

Farewell winery. See you sometime very, very soon if I have anything to say about it.

We topped off a truly amazing day with tapas at Bravas in Healdsburg.

Overall it was a incredible day that felt like a full vacation. A reminder that money is always well spent on experiences. I plan on taking a few more trips like this one before the summer is finished.