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It's not often that I post personal photos on the blog, but I attended a close friend's Indian wedding this weekend and I knew I had to share. The wedding was something truly beautiful to witness with it's colorful details and unique traditions.

Being able to experience another culture's wedding ceremony was so special. A typical Indian wedding is week-long affair with close to a dozen outfit changes and events throughout. The wedding I went to was shortened down to two meaningful days and four events. The bride meticulously planned every detail of each event and the wedding went along without a hitch. Each of the ceremonies we attended were seeped with tradition and symbolism, and the mood was celebratory and joyful. Here are a few snaps from the event...

 Tea was served at each place setting during the pre-ceremony dinner.

Loved these peacock feather centerpieces.

Cute cupcakes and beautiful tea lights.

The welcome box placed in each of our rooms.

It's saree time. One of the bride's aunts wrapped me in my saree that I ordered from India. I love the colors.

During the Bharaat the groom rides on a horse while people follow in a procession and dance to drums.

Mango juice upon our arrival to the ceremony.

At each seat there was a cookie, confetti and a program explaining the symbolism.

The ceremony.

The beautiful bride and groom showered with confetti.

After the ceremony, decked out in our sarees.

The flowers matched the orange and pink wedding theme.

Beautiful table settings at dinner.

Rockn' my green sparkly dress with one of my friends.

The couple met in New York so each table was named after a New York neighborhood.  The table menu featured traditional Indian food. 

And a beautiful ombre cake to top it all off.

I hope you enjoyed. It was a truly wonderful celebration like nothing else I have experienced before.