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One of my favorite parts of having a little extra time these days is being able to try things that I didn't have time for when I was working. This has included going to new workout classes all around the city and pushing myself a little harder than usual.

The big reason for this shift, from the elliptical to weight lifting cycling class (yes, I actually did that) was ClassPass. I was lucky enough to try ClassPass complimentary for one month and I have enjoyed all of the benefits. ClassPass is a monthly subscription for $100 and 10 classes. You can take classes from any of their 33 (they are adding more, daily) SF studios up to 3 times each. They are also in NY, Boston, LA and Chicago.

I love being able to try new classes, although constantly being the "new kid" takes a little courage. I have tried several different barre classes, spin class and Pilates. Next up is yoga, reformer Pilates and a new spin class. Most importantly, ClassPass got me out of workout robot mode. I was doing the same thing everyday and, while consistency is good, I wasn't really pushing myself.

Regardless if you get ClassPass or not, maybe sign yourself up for just one fitness class a week at your gym or get outside and go for a run. I always remind myself that doing the same thing is easy but there is such a satisfaction in following through on something new.

Since I have been working out so much, here are a few things that keep me going.

No 1 Taylor Fit Studio

I found this little studio because of ClassPass and I am now addicted to her classes. They combine weightlifting with barre and pilates. Taylor was formerly an instructor at Dailey Method and decided to open her own studio. I love a positive instructor and the classes are very personalized, only about 10 people.

No 2  Project Juice

While I am not a huge proponent of juicing, I will admit that after a crazy hard workout sometimes juice tastes so good. Project Juice has some great combos. Two of my favorites are their coconut water and the mint chip shake.

No 3  Who Run the World? Girls! Station on Spotify

Whoever created this station is a genius. It features girl power songs that practically guarantee you a good workout. Also, you can picture yourself as one of Beyonce's backup dancers for a little more motivation (or maybe that's just me).

No 4 Lululemon

People give Lulu a hard time but the fact is that they invented cute workout clothes. Sure there are the Nikes and Adidas' but Lululemon consistently produces all of my go-to workout clothes. They last forever and provide me with a darn good reason to go to the gym.

No 5 Fitbit

I have had my Fitbit for about a year and a half now. My whole family is in a steps competition and we are constantly keeping each other accountable. I find that it gives me that extra motivation to walk instead of cab, or get dropped off a little further away from my destination. Its also a good reminder to make sure that you are moving everyday, even if it is just walking.

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