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There are some quintessential things about summer: beaches, BBQs and s'mores. To me, without those three things, its hard to call it summer. I have had a craving for s'mores for weeks now and have been devising how to make them in my city apartment. I think I have come up with a fairly good solution. Of course you can't mimic the smoky warmth of a fire, in the middle of a city, but these taste pretty darn great.

Let me introduce you to the s'more fondue…


Good graham crackers
10-15 Large marshmallows
1/3 cup of chocolate chips

A few notes:

- I love these grahams from Trader Joe's because they have so much flavor. If you're feeling all fancy, feel free to make them yourself by using this recipe
- You can make the marshmallows too if you are feeling very Martha Stewart-ish, this recipe looks yummy
- I love Guittard chocolate chips because of their quality, since there aren't too many ingredients in this recipe I would splurge for nicer chocolate
- You dont have to have a fondue pot to make this recipe (but feel free to dust it off), you can just use a 5-6in ramekin

Now let's get going…

Gather all of those yummy ingredients.

Step No. 1

Place the chocolate chips in your ramekin. Heat in the microwave in 20 sec increments, stirring in-between, until chocolate chips are completely melted.

Step No. 2

Place marshmallows on top of melted chocolate.

Make sure they are nice an cozy in there.

Step No. 3

Place ramekin in the oven, set to broil. Watch the marshmallows very carefully, they can turn from brown to black very quickly so I find it helpful to leave the door slightly open while they broil. You might have to rotate the ramekin so they brown evenly. Once they are perfectly golden, take them out.

Step No. 4

Serve with grahams immediately. Enjoy a little taste of summer in your apartment.