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No 1 Natalie Chong's Home Tour

After taking a look at this space, I knew I had to share it with you. It is totally my style from the plants to the touches of gold and the comfortable fabrics. They used their small space in a efficient yet sophisticated way.

No 2 Emma Roberts is Bauble Bar's Guest Bartender

I have to say that Bauble Bar is great at pulling celebrities and style leaders to help them design and curate collections. I not only think that the pieces that Emma pulled are great, but I am inspired by the retro, approachable styling of the shoot.

No 3 October Produce Guide

I've recently been shopping at the farmers market on Sundays and this handy guide illustrates which fruits and veggies are at their best during October. As an added bonus, there are recipes that show how you can prepare your seasonal fruits and veggies to their full potential.

No 4 Ringly

While this may not be the latest news, it's something that I've been hearing more and more buzz about. I'm talking about Ringly, the semi-precious stone ring that notifies you when you have a text, email or call. That means that, while you are at dinner, no need to keep pulling your phone out to check and see if that work email finally came through. Technology plus jewelry, count me in.