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I hope you are enjoying these beauty posts--I'm sure enjoying writing them. I have a good one for you today filled with lots of new products I have been trying out. With my new job I feel so fortunate that I have access to so many new and different products. What I have found, after trying everything out, is that different products work differently for everyone. What may be my favorite moisturizer may cause someone else to break out, or an eye shadow that looks great on someone else may not look that great on me. That's why you have to just try everything out for yourself. One of my favorite tips is that Sephora (shameless plug ;-) will make a sample of nearly anything in the store for free. So before you invest in that cream, primer, foundation or lipstick, try it out at home.

Here's a few products that I am loving right now...

These eyeshadow palettes sell like hotcakes and there is a reason why. They are super wearable and extremely pigmented. The 3rd iteration of the Naked franchise focuses on rose gold shades but there are some wonderful browns in there as well. I have found this to be a great go-to palette for everyday. 

I'm always on the hunt for my next favorite lipstick. I have a hard time finding anything better than Bite but I really am enjoying this Smashbox product. I plan on really testing it out during the holidays--between all of the eating and drinking I'll be able to tell if this is a keeper. In the meantime, Kat Von D's Everlasting Liquid Lipstick is my go-to product when I know I'll be socializing while eating and drinking. 

Just one more of the eyeshadow because its so pretty.

No. 3 Josie Maran Aragan Oil

Prior to working at Sephora, I used this product every night. I'm happy to introduce it back into my routine. I love how soft it makes my skin feel. It definitely helps keep my skin moisturized and glowing all winter long.

No. 4 Marc Jacobs Enamored Nail Lacquer

A while back I got my nails done for free at the Marc Jacobs store during an event. I was shocked that my nails stayed perfect for 5 days. Even though the price point is a little higher than the typical drugstore find, it is completely worth the gel-like effect (without damaging the nails) I'm completely sold.

No. 5 Sunday Riley Start Over Eye Cream

I'll admit that I hadn't heard of this brand before a few weeks ago. After doing a little research, it looks like Sunday Riley is a favorite of many people. I have dark circles under my eyes and am always looking for a great eye cream that will reduce the appearance my circles and the fine lines that have been popping up as of late. Upon applying you can immediately feel the cooling sensation and my eyes immediately look more awake. Not sure if it is affecting the wrinkles but I will keep up this routine to see if there is a dramatic difference in my fine lines.

No. 6 Marc Jacobs Highliner 

I have really been into smudgy eyeliner recently. It's a good balance between eyeshadow and liner. I like to apply a thicker line then blend upwards on the edges to create a smoky-effect.

These Marc Jacobs liners glide on so smooth and stay put all day long. They come in tons of fun colors like this silver or a pretty navy with a little metallic. They are the perfect compliment to a bold holiday lip.

That's it for now but check in next month for more beauty finds.