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There is something magical about a store full of lights--it shines a little brighter than the other stores on the block (literally) When I heard that Rejuvenation was opening its well-lit doors down in Palo Alto, I had to make my way down there to check it out. Another reason to visit was that it was designed by Jensen Architects who designed one of my favorite wine country designations, The SHED up in Healdsburg as well as Fort Mason.

I was greeted by this wonderful R made out of parts from their Portland, OR-based factory. I could stare at it for hours and discover something new each time. But, don't worry, I didn't just stand there in front of the store, what fun would that be?

As I walked in I noticed so many thoughtful details around the store…

These blankets are HIGH on my wish list.

I just love these jadeite cake plates. If only I had room to put them somewhere (and I made cakes on the regular)

Their background is in creating reproductions of lighting. This is their "classic" section, perfect for Victorians like mine. 

And then I saw a wall of copper and my heart skipped a beat.

This little red cutie was definitely one of my favorites.

Look at these fun cord boxes. Sure beats a boring extension cord from the office supply store. I love that they support local artisans like Conoway Electric who make these.

The chandelier got me. What girl doesn't want a sparkly chandelier in her room?

You can now visit the store in Palo Alto or shop online at rejuvenation.com