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I can't wait to share this small home makeover today. I have been storing my jewelry in a console drawer for years now but it got to a point where the drawer wouldn't shut anymore because it was so disheveled. It kills me because I love all of my jewelry and I want to store it properly so it stays in good condition. So I decided to tackle this mini-home makeover project today. Let's get started shall we?

I'm pretty embarrassed to show you the before but I am doing so because I have a feeling that you might be able to relate. I mean how am I going to find any jewelry in here?

First, take all of the jewelry out and sort by category. Pull out any broken pieces or pieces you no longer wear. I made a mini repair shop and glued a few pieces that were easy to fix. I set aside my other jewelry that I dont wear anymore and put it into one of my storage bins. Who knows when the styles will come back in fashion but I want to hold onto them just in case. I really wanted this drawer to be things that I wore on an everyday basis.

I also set aside any jewelry that needed polishing. These silver cloths from a jewelry store work really well getting tough tarnish off. 

Next, I measured a paper towel (a wrapping paper tube would work too) to the size of the drawer. I wrapped in cute paper to add a little decorative element. These are going to hold our bangles.

Like this...

I sorted my bracelets that weren't bangles into like colors and textures--silver, pearl, gold etc. I put them in these cute dishes from the dollar store but any segmented tapas dishes will work.

Lastly, I put my earrings in a large medicine organizer with the lid removed. I also got this at the dollar store so it was a perfect deal! I originally wanted to only put one pair per square but I ran out of room and had to double up.

Here is the final result and it only cost a few dollars. I can see and find my jewelry so much better now and I think I'll be able to keep it this way for awhile. Every time I open it, it makes me smile!