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This weekend, my friend was in town. Inevitably, when people come to visit, I always find myself on the road up to Napa. It is one of the things I like best about San Francisco, the proximity to the wine country, to the mountains and to the ocean. Within an hours drive you can find yourself at all three (ok maybe add a few hours for the mountains)

I have lived in SF for 6 years now and I find myself falling in love with it more each year. I know people are always lamenting about the cost of living in the city and the parking and on and on…but then you can drive up to wine country, shuck oysters right out of the bay, taste amazing, inspirational culinary innovation, see technology before it is released, go to amazing art shows. The truth is that you get out of it what you put in. If you don't go see the good stuff, the bad stuff will probably outweigh it.

So anyways, I love wine country and I love to visit when my friends are in town. We all piled in my friend's adorable Fiat 500 and hit the road with plenty of Meghan Trainor to sing along to. Our first stop was Domaine Chandon. Who doesn't like to start the day with a little bubbly? We sat out on the patio with our flights of champagne and caught up. It's so nice to breathe the fresh air and just sit around and talk with friends (minus the cell phones, TV, email) Sometimes we are too busy during our daily lives that it literally takes no cell service to force us to focus on just talking to people around us.

My absolute favorite sparkling wine is their Extra Dry Riche. It has a little bit of sweetness and it my go-to when I'm there. I always just ask for a glass because, why not go right ahead to your favorite? After we were done laughing until my cheeks were sore, we headed down to the store and picked up a few things to take home, including a whole bunch of mini bottles. They are perfect for watching the Bachelor, giving to a friend as a little pick-me-up or the perfect picnic companion. I'm throwing one in my purse right now just in case ;-)

After wrapping up at Chandon, we swung back over to the Sonoma side for rose and picnicking over at Hamel family. As you have seen in previous posts, I love this place. Something about it is magical. I just arrive there and immediately feel at ease. We snacked on cheese and salami while looking out over the beautiful vineyards. I seriously could just drink rose and live on that patio.

We completely lost track of time and realized it was 5. I guess we were so absorbed in the conversation and the warm sun that we didn't realize that we had been there for so long.

I convinced my friend to take a few pics out in the vineyards. I'm getting more comfortable with my new camera and have been practicing as much as possible. Luckily my friends are patient with my camera fiddling and are, for the most part, used to me always having a camera around. There is something nice about documenting the little moments, the trips here and there that aren't big but they culminate to amazing memories.

Overall it was a really magical day. We all returned to the city absolutely exhausted but refreshed from our time away from the busy day-to-day. I always have to remind myself that it shouldn't take a friend visiting, to get out there and experience things like Napa, a new art exhibit, a favorite museum, a restaurant on the other side of town. The truth is it is easier to keep doing what you are used to doing but by getting out and trying new things you might discover something you like even more. So this week, I'm going to try to do a little more of that. Even if its just popping a mini champagne on a Wednesday night. Because it's Wednesday, right?