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I have to admit something. While I may cook up fancy cocktails and elaborate desserts on the blog, my typical weeknight meal is something quick and easy (sometimes even from the freezer, eek) I'll try to throw in some veggies here and a salad here but I don't really like making a big elaborate meal. I live by myself so tend to get sick of a meal after a few days and, who wants to do dishes? Not this single lady.

So, when the folks at Munchery sent me a week of free meals, I was pumped. It meant I got chef-created meals delivered to my front door without worrying about grocery shopping. Their site is super easy to use, not to mention, beautifully designed. I also love that they donate to the food bank for every meal purchased.

Ordering from the site was like being at a restaurant and getting to choose which entree you are going to eat; but all you have to do is walk to your front door (in your pjs, in my case) I ordered quite a few things during my week to make sure I tested it out throughly (tough job, but someone has to do it) All of them were absolutely delicious. 

As a special treat to all of my lovely readers, they gave everyone $15 off your order with code LiveHappyInspired or just click this link: https://munchery.com/redeem/LiveHappyInspired 

How awesome is that? Now let's get to the meals...

First up, I ordered a pulled pork sandwich with potato salad. Go big or go home, right? I loved that everything came in separate containers so I could toast the bun and heat up the meat. It was a very hearty meal but I loved all of the flavors together.

With the pulled pork sandwich, I ordered a bran muffin and a green juice for the next morning. Because, hey, I just ordered a giant pulled pork sandwich. As I was rushing out the door, I gave myself a little pat on the back for thinking ahead of time. The green juice was super tasty and, I'm not just saying this, it was one of the best brand muffins I've ever had.

The second meal was caesar salad and pesto pasta. I also ordered the most amazing little coconut cream pie dessert. The pasta was a pretty good sized portion. I loved all of the mushrooms, tomatoes, radicchio and pine nuts they added. It was so fresh and flavorful.

This mini-coconut cream pie was for dessert. It was such a delicious little treat at the end of a fantastic meal. Wouldn't it be fun to order a few of these and give to friends that are having a tough day? I thought it was a great portion size (I just can't help myself with sweets)

Those are just a few of my standout meals for the week. Make sure that you take advantage of the code. Happy Munching!

This post is sponsored by Munchery. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.