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I'm obsessed with making my home smell as pretty as possible. I'm always lighting candles, spraying room scents, you name it. Maybe that's because scent is such a strong sense and it can totally make an experience. I have this incredibly vivid memory of having lunch in Paris at a little cafe. They were burning a rose candle and, to this day, roses remind me of Paris. Having a good smelling home can really elevate your space no matter if you live in a 300 ft studio or a large house.

I started buying diffusers awhile back. I loved that they left a light scent without having to burn a candle. One of my favorite companies for diffusers is Antica Farmacista out of my hometown, Seattle. You may have spotted one in my Apartment Therapy house tour. I have tried so many different brands of diffusers but these are by far that best. They keep their scent for months and I think the packaging is so chic. I've tried a few scents now and these are by far my favorites...

Fico Verde - Green fig smells as fresh as it sounds. I honestly can't get enough fig-scented things. I just love how clean and organic it smells. It's perfect for my living room since that's where I spend most of my time.

Ala Moana - This very floral scent is perfect for the bathroom. It smells flowery without being overwhelming and instantly transports you to tropical locales.

Sandal Ambra - A combination of Sandalwood and Amber, this scent is rich and warm. I like it near my bed or (if I had one) in a den because it seems cozy and relaxing.

Being a huge fan of the brand, I have also had a chance to sample their bubble bath, hand soap and bar soap. The packaging is beautiful on all of them and they make such a lovely addition to my bathroom.

Here are a few snaps of how I've placed them around my apartment. I love that as you enter each room there is a different scent, but it is never overwhelming. Oh, how I wish you could smell through the photos because they are just so incredible. Find more about Antica Farmacista and their amazing fragrances here.

While I loved the brand before, the folks at Antica Farmacista were kind enough to send me a few new things to try. This post is sponsored by Antica Farmacista. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.