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There are lots of fashion bloggers out in the world and I'll be the first to tell you that I am not one of them. I love good style and beautiful design across ALL things including fashion, decor and architecture. Everyone's style is so personal and evolves over time. My style has changed based on where I was living, what I could afford or where I was working.

The other day at work someone walked by with a killer outfit and I thought, "I wish I had her style." But actually I don't want her style--I want my own style. This got me thinking about what defines my style? What has been there through all of the years and trends?

To answer the question about my style, I have pulled together a little mood board as an exercise for myself. Instead of going after the latest trend or runway look, why don't I just filter by who I am and what styles work for me? This might seem like over-thinking it but to me it helped narrow down what types of things I should invest in that I will pull from the closet over and over again.

Three words rose to the top during this exercise: feminine, retro and traditional. You would think that with this combo I would end up looking like a 50's housewife. But I love to combine feminine elements like bows and dots with traditional go-tos like trenchcoats, ankle length pants and chambray button downs. I mix in a little bit of "casual California" like jeans and low-key sandals with these elements to keep them from looking too sweet and over-the-top.

Think about it, if you were to distill to three words, what defines your style?

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