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Hello ladies and gents (there has to be at least one of you out there) It's Monday and we all know that Mondays are hard to get through sometimes. So I'd like to introduce one of my new columns, "Can't Stop" I thought that I would highlight a few things in my life that have been on repeat recently whether it's music, shows, books, magazines, blogs or clothes. I figured that maybe if I'm obsessing over it, you might like it to! So here we go.
No. 1

I can't stop listening to "Renegades" by X. Ambassadors for its easy-going rhythm that you can't but help tap your foot to. I love the message in Tori Kelly's "Dear No One" It's about the man she has yet to meet but is just happy moving along in life until he gets to her. It's relatable to say the least. I discovered Jesse Ware's "Say You Love Me" in the finale of Looking. It's slow and moody but builds with the addition of a choir. Lastly, there is "Conquerer" from my recent favorite show, Empire. I have been listening to the motivational duet over and over again.

No. 2

Over the past year, I have been totally devoted to Instagram. There are so many social platforms out there that it is hard to be active on all of them. Two of the new ones that I can't seem to get enough of are Snapchat and Periscope. I know Snapchat isn't new but I'll admit, I resisted it for awhile. But the non-retouched, very real aspect of it is quite appealing to me. I love seeing little snippets of people's days (does that sound weird?) Make sure to follow along with me at Ellie_sf Periscope is very new to me but as a marketing person and an active social media person, it intrigues me. I'm looking to seeing how this platform evolves.

No. 3

I have been scouring the internet recently for healthy but tasty recipes. I am headed to Palm Springs in two weeks so I am going to be on my best eating behavior for the new few weeks until we head out. I have been seeing these smoothie bowls all over the place so I decided to do a little research. Not 100% sold yet but willing to give it a try. I also heard someone at work talking about 2 ingredient "protein pancakes" and had to look up the recipe. I mean its pretty easy, you just mix the two ingredients together…but the real question is, how do they taste?

That's it for now but I look forward to sharing more things I can't get enough of soon!