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Did you guys hear the crickets last week on the blog? Well first off, I'm sorry for the radio silence. The truth is that life gets busy, like crazy busy, and sometimes I can't get out as many posts as I would like for the week. Between working full time and spending time with friends, blogging sometimes is hard to fit in. So thanks for being patient!

Luckily, I got to escape to wine country this weekend for an amazing, relaxing bachelorette weekend. I know that sort of seems like an oxymoron because relaxing doesn't usually go with bachelorette. But this weekend was the perfect weekend. Although this wasn't my bachelorette weekend, it was exactly what I would like mine to be like.

We stayed at my favorite place in Sonoma, the Sonoma Pool House. It was so lovely to have a whole house to ourselves. We spent the day tasting wine, making flower crowns (a new must-do at every bachelorette) and sitting by the pool. Then we had a special surprise for dinner. No, it wasn't a stripper, it was a private chef! Chef Nick Rappoport made the most delicious meal. For my SF peeps, you can hire him to cook a meal for you too via Kitchit! He cooked up an incredible meal of tarragon carrots, asparagus with three dipping sauces, homemade gnocchi with nettle cream and peas and chicken with a herb sauce. There was something so magical about sitting with a view of the vineyards and laughing for hour with friends and sipping some fantastic wine.

It was such a relaxing weekend and now I'm all charged up for the week ahead. Next trip is to Palm Springs and I can't wait to share all of the fun details with you soon! Happy Monday folks! -LM