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Hey guys! So excited for this new feature on the blog. I am so lucky that my sister, Amanda, lives in the same city as me (fun fact: she also works in the SAME building) One of our favorite things to do together is go to the farmer's market near out house on Sundays. Amanda came up with the idea of contributing to a monthly post using farmer's market fruits and veggies. Both of us believe in eating lots of fresh, locally-grown fruits and veggies. She is really good at developing delicious recipes around fruit and veggies that are in season. I wanted to share some of her favorite recipes with you! Hopefully these recipes inspire you to visit your local market and whip up something healthy and tasty.

Here's Amanda sipping a coconut (one of her favorite flavors!) 

Everything at the farmer's market is so beautiful! Here are a few pictures from us picking up ingredients for the pasta. 

Today's recipe is for brown butter caramelized leeks with goat cheese pasta. We also added some fresh lemon zest, mint and parsley for a fresh, flavorful dish. You could also add asparagus, peas or any other green veggie to this pasta.


3 Medium leeks (in season Nov - May)
4 Cups of pasta
1/3 Cup of goat cheese
1 Lemon
2-3 Tbsp of mint
2-3 Tbsp of parsley

We bought this pasta from the Santa Cruz Pasta Factory. The type that we got was called gemelli which means twins in Italian, because the pasta is wrapped closely together. Perfect for two sisters making pasta together! If possible, I like to always buy fresh pasta because the flavor and texture just can't be beat. 

Step No. 1

Wash leeks. Trim off top leaves and bottom roots.

Step No. 2

Slice into thin pieces then separate.

Step No. 3

Chop parsley and chiffonade basil. Grate lemon peel. Put aside.

Step No. 4

Heat up a generous pat of butter on the stove over medium heat. Let butter turn a golden brown. Add in leeks immediately with a sprinkling of salt and cook until edges are browned.

Step No. 5

Cook pasta according to directions. Immediately after pulling off the stove, add goat cheese, salt and pepper.

 Step No. 6

Combine leeks with pasta. Add butter/olive oil if pasta begins to stick together.

Step No. 7

Serve pasta. Garnish with lemon zest, mint, parsley and a generous sprinkle of parmesan cheese.

There we have our first farmer's market meal. Many more fun recipes to come. Follow Amanda on Instagram @amandaemizrahi for more recipes and pretty pictures.