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First off, calling this place a "discovery" would just not be true. This newcomer, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, always has a line out front door so it is far from just being discovered. The new pint-sized pastry shop sells out of their famous cruffins, which is a mix between a croissant and a muffin, 30 minutes after they open.

There has been so much hype around Mr. Holmes that I just had to investigate and see what all the commotion was about. First off, its in a sort of odd location--not quite Nob Hill, not Tenderloin and not downtown. But as you turn the corner you see the line. It's not too unmanageable, it was about a 15-20 minute wait altogether. We went at 11am, hours after all the cruffins were sold out, but happy to be able to try some of their other pastries. According to Instagram, waits can be up to 1 hr closer to opening at 9 and most people recommend visiting during the weekday mornings. There is also a separate line for cruffins so make sure you are in the right line!

The smell is just heavenly as you get closer to the front door. You really can't beat the smell of warm pastries. Everyone working seems happy enough to be surrounded by pastries and smiling customers ready to consume sugary carbs. In order to get one of their beautiful boxes, you must order 6 or more pastries (which is not hard to do after you have been waiting in line)

I picked a mixture of pastries so I could sample the different types they make. Two danishes (one artichoke and one apricot) two donuts (one filled with caramel and one with banana) a bostock (dense brioche twice baked with almond paste) and a maple scone. Phew that sounds like so much when you write it out! After picking your jaw up from the floor at the total (you can do the math, at $4-$5 a pastry) you take a quick Instagram of the neon sign and tote your box of golden deliciousness outside.

My friend and I made it a block away before we pried open the box and took a big bit out of the banana donut. We sat there on the corner clutching our pastry box like a treasure chest, and enjoying the banana-ey goodness of the donut (also, why that one isn't featured in the pictures below!)

I'll admit that I haven't tried all the pastries yet (most of them went in the freezer to be savored later, its like having a mini-bakery in your freezer) I did try the two donuts. They were both incredible and tasted like dessert. I loved the caramel filling and the banana was almost like a banana cream pie. How can you go wrong with those two flavors?

Overall, if you are in San Francisco, I would recommend visiting Mr. Holmes. I would go partially for the pastries and partially to say that you visited one of the hottest pastry shops in a very foodie-centric town.