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Guys, we made it to Friday. Hip, hip, hooray! This week flew by because I was so busy (but it also seemed like there weren't enough hours in the day!)

Even though this week has been so busy, I tried to focus on incorporating healthy elements throughout my day. I've gotten into a good little routine recently. When I wake up in the morning, I just clip on my Jawbone UP MOVE. Then throughout the day it tracks all of my exercise from running out to get lunch to filling up my water bottle. I find that when I am wearing it, I'm a little more likely to take that extra trip upstairs or go a little further to grab lunch. My competitive side comes out and I want to go further than the day before (or at least keep up) The truth is that all of those little trips add up. I feel much better knowing that I am keeping moving and not just slumped over at my desk for hours at a time.

Since I have been wearing my Jawbone UP MOVE, I have also been tracking all of the food that I eat with the handy app. It's really easy to see how you are tracking with calories in and exercise out. They say it's all about balance and I've found that to be completely true. I've been really making a conscious effort to increase my veggies and focus on healthy proteins.

When I am really stressed I love to walk. Something about the fresh air instantly calms me down One of my other favorite de-stressors is sitting in the park with my book. Being outside chills me down and helps me unwind. While I love a good fruit and cheese picnic in the park as much as the next person, I thought about how I could make it a little healthier to align with my new healthier eating plan. I came up with these lovely ideas to add a few more veggies to your spread. Feel free to add alongside your cheese plate too ;-) Because remember I said it was ALL about balance.

First up we have these lovely cucumber rolls. Using a mandolin, slice the cucumber into thin strips. You can put whatever goodies you want inside but I kept it super simple with avocado and microgreens. I love to serve the rolls with peanut sauce and a little squirt of Sirracha.

Next up is mini grain toasts with beet hummus and feta. I love this nutty bread that they have at Trader Joe's (it's called European Style Bread). I just cut the larger pieces into small squares. I spread beet hummus (recipe here) using the back of a spoon onto the toasts. Then I added a square of feta cheese to add a little creaminess. Last, I garnished with a sprinkle of Mediterranean herbs and a few leftover microgreens. 

I love the idea of bringing whole fruits like apricots and plums to snack on with nuts and toasted coconut. Minimal but totally delicious.

For a relatively healthy dessert, I layered berries in a cup and put a little dollop of creamy marscapone on top with a drizzle of honey. The berries with the marscapone are totally heavenly and a delicious treat. 

So what do you think? Could you go for a healthier picnic? 

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