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One time I did an exercise when I wrote down little moments throughout the day that made me happy. It is a deceptively simple exercise. It makes you stop and think and maybe repeat the things that make you happy. They were little things, the right song coming on my Spotify, the sunlight streaming through the tall buildings, someone letting me sit on the bus. But those were the things that cheered me up as I went through my day.

I wanted to share a few things that I do on a daily basis that make my day just a little better. They are just little mood lifters that make life just a little happier.

You may notice my new favorite vitamins, Olly, throughout the post. I've started taking them since the brand sent me some of their best sellers. I really do look forward to my little vitamin treat every day (I honestly have a hard time sticking to the recommended dosage because they are so tasty) Not only does it taste delish but it also helps nourish from the inside out.

Now let's get started on my favorite little life tricks for more happiness...

No 1 - The AM Routine

Store your eye cream in the fridge. Yes, right there next to the mustard. I can't describe how refreshing it is to apply cold eye cream. It helps with puffiness and helps to awaken eyes on even the most sleepy of days.

Take time to mask. You have seen me post about this before but I love a good mask. The best part is that some masks are 2 minutes so you can do them in the shower (Kate Somerville ExfoliKate) other masks take a little bit longer but it helps you take some time out to relax (I love Origins Charcoal and Ren Radiance Renewal) I'm wearing a mask as I type this.

Biotin to build strong hair and nails. One of the key ingredients in the Olly Undeniable Beauty vitamin is biotin which helps promote the growth of hair and nails. It has a special mix of anitoxidants, vitamins, minerals and collagen to help you glow from the inside out (oh, and it tastes like grapefruit)

Jam to the beat. I can't believe I just typed that. But I guess I dance like a 50 yr old so might as well speak like one too. I really love music and I listen throughout my day. In the morning, throughout my commute and at work, I'm always listening. I don't have one particular type of music I listen to, there is a song for every mood. What I love about this little speaker is that it is bluetooth so I just turn on and my cell connects. It's the perfect travel companion too!

No 2 Mid-day at Work

Fuel your brain (and give yourself something to look forward to). Snaking at work is inevitable. At my work we have chips and candy at almost an arms reach. It can be easy to fall into the trap of grabbing a bag of chips. But I realized it didn't really do much for me. I was hungry like 5 seconds later. I have started stocking my drawer at work with healthy snacks like dried coconut, dates (for my incessant sweet tooth), almonds and almond butter (note that I don't eat them all at the same time like the photo suggests) Then I can grab something healthy and feel happy about my choice.

Give yourself a little sunshine. The second Olly vitamin I've been taking is Vitamin D. I call it sunshine in a gummy. We need Vitamin D (that comes mainly from the sun) to help absorb calcium, it promotes heart health and helps boost the immune system. Oftentimes we don't get enough because we're stuck inside working.

No 3 Nighttime

Set your "grandma" alarm. There are people out there who can get 6 hours of sleep and totally function. I am not one of them. I've tested it out and I need an optimum of 8.5 hours. I know that sounds completely crazy but I need my rest. Around New Years, I read an article about setting a nighttime alarm. I tried it and it stuck. Yes, it is sometimes embarrassing when I'm out drinking with friends mid-week and my "Nighty night" comes on the screen at 9:30, but the point of the alarm is to remind me what time it is and to start winding down. Sometimes you get sucked into Netflix and you are like "just one more episode" this alarm makes me re-evaluate and sends me on my sleepy way.

Read yourself a nighttime story. I will admit that I don't always do this, but I sleep so much better when I read before going to sleep (vs watching TV.) True sometimes you do need to watch the latest Game of Thrones episode, but you should try to do a little reading before bed to help your mind calm down.

Stop counting sheep. Some times I do all of the above. I am in bed, book read and I just can quiet my mind and fall asleep. I am tossing and turning trying to work through some ridiculous work scenario in my head. The Sleepytime Olly Vitamin helps promote natural, restful sleep with melatonin and herbs like camomile and lemon balm. I really like that it is natural.

So there you have it, a few little tricks to live your happiest and healthiest life. Do you have any that you swear by?

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