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My neighborhood gets a bad wrap in San Francisco. Not because it's unsafe or there is too much garbage left on the streets, no...it's because there are too many young just-graduated-from-college kids running around having brunch in their luluemon. Well I might not have just graduated from college but I do love a good stretchy pant (and a killer eggs Benedict) One of my favorite things about the neighborhood is how well it is located within the city. It makes the perfect place to kick off a long walk with a friend to catch up about the week.

I have been going on quite a few walks recently, motivated in part to my Jawbone UP MOVE. It is a handy, minuscule tracker that clips on to your pants or you can easily slip it into the wrist strap. I started walking home every day from work to add a few more steps in and before I knew it, I was reaching for my running shoes to go on more walks. The best part about the UP MOVE is that you just put it on and forget about it. Then you can check-in to the app to see what progress you have made, calories burned and even log your post-walk kale salad in there. It also logs sleep so you can see what an incredibly restful sleep you got after trekking all around the city.

Now let's get to some of my favorite walks in the city.

No 1 Chrissy Field

This is the walk I go on most often (and where all of the pictures below are taken from). It is about 5 miles round trip and very flat. You walk along the water with a gorgeous view of the Golden Gate bridge and on the way back, you get a great view of the city.

Sisters make great walking companions. 

No 2 Embarcadero Walk

I'm not a runner but if I was, I would make it a point to take this route. This  short 1.1 miles stretch, goes along the waterfront and you can stop at the Ferry Building at the end for a little re-energizing. This path gets busy on warm days but it's perfect for guests that come into town.

No 3 Presidio Walk

The Presidio is a magical place. Sometimes I wonder how such a large expanse of land can exist in a city. There are all sorts of wonderful things tucked amongst the trees and fog. My favorite destination to hike to is a little lake called Mountain Lake (slightly less impressive in the massive CA drought) You walk through the forrest and past the Presidio Golf course.  It is about 3 miles one way so it's not bad. If you go on a Sunday, make sure to pit stop at Off the Grid. It is a huge picnic with food trucks and a perfect view of the bridge.

No 4 Golden Gate Park

I know it's kind of a no-brainer but I really do treasure this park. Although it's about 3 miles long, it is walkable on the nice paved paths that wind throughout. Make sure to check off all of the Park must-sees like the bison (yes real bison!) the Japanese tea garden, the Conservatory of Flowers, the polo fields, Stowe Lake and the windmills by the beach!

Those are some of my favorite ways to rack up steps on your Jawbone UP MOVE in SF! Hope you enjoyed.

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