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I'm around makeup all day long at work. I talk about lipstick launches and the season best new eye palette. It's pretty much a girly girl's dream job (queue the Devil Wears Prada quote "Do you know how many girls would die for this job?") So you might think it's absolutely crazy that in my spare time, I would want to try more makeup and skincare. I can't help but want to try it all out and inform myself about all of the amazing products out there.

That's why I was curious when a newcomer to my neighborhood, Credo Beauty, opened their doors a few weeks ago. It's a natural makeup/skincare lover's dream. The vibe of the store is very fresh and relaxing (it also smells incredible!) It is located in one of my favorite neighborhoods in San Francisco, Pacific Heights. When I visited for the opening, there were so many brands that I had never heard of and was eager to try. The team at Credo was nice enough to send me a few of their favorite products to try out. Here are my thoughts on them...

They sent me Juice Beauty Nightly Brightening Pads, Kahana Aragan Oil, Intelligent Nutrients Renewal Complex Eye Gel, SW Basics Cleanser, 21 Drops in Focus, California Naturel Lip Balm and Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask.

I've been using the Juice Beauty pads every night before applying my night cream. I like that they are in easy-to-travel with pouches. I haven't seen anything dramatic happen yet but I am going to keep using them to see if there are longer-term benefits.

The Intelligent Nutrients Eye cream comes with this crazy spoon applicator. It helps to get blood moving around the eyes as it spreads on the cream. The brand claims that wrinkles are less visible in 20 days so I'll need to keep using to see if there are any effects.

I was immediately attracted to the idea and packaging of 21 Drops. There are 21 different blends of essential oils that serve different purposes from headaches to strength. Focus is a refreshing blend of oils, primarily due to the peppermint but the rosemary and frankincense make it feel a little earthier. It's great to just throw in your purse for a little pick-me-up later in the day.

I have been a longtime fan of face oils (they can also be used in hair and on cuticles) because of how pure they are. There is literally only one ingredient--maracuja oil, coconut oil and aragan oil are the most popular. I have been wearing this aragan oil on my cheekbones in place of a highlighter to add a little glowy, dewy-ness to my skin. I find that it lasts longer than highlighter and gives a more natural (non-sparkly) glow.

While I didn't receive this in my bag, I did receive it at the opening party and just had to talk about it. I absolutely love this toner. It smells heavenly and it made my skin look beautiful after using for about a week. For someone with sporadic pimples, this is lifesaver. I also received their lip balm in my package. It is ultra nourishing but leaves behind a slight white tint (likely due to the SPF) I'll probably keep next to my bedside for nighttime. 

I'm not sure if you have heard of double cleansing but it is a new trend in skincare. Basically you wash once to get rid of makeup and then you cleanse again to purify the skin. This product is perfect for that second step. Once I use my Makeup Eraser to get rid of makeup (by just using water, no less!) I pour a little bit of this cleanser on a cotton pad and wipe over my face. It is astonishing (and a little gross) how much it picks up. I love the rose scent of it as well!

Hope you enjoyed my little product review. If you are in SF, make sure to check out Credo Beauty on Fillmore or visit them online at www.credobeauty.com

This post was in partnership with Credo Beauty. Thank you for supporting the brands featured on my blog!