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Truth be told even researching outdoor furniture makes me relaxed. I can feel the evening starting to cool down, the deck is wet with footprints from a few too many cannon balls, Dad has started the grill so there is that amazing summertime smell in the air. You feeling it too? I miss those carefree summer days and venture up to Seattle yearly during the summer to try and reclaim them, even for just a moment.

I love beautifully done outdoor spaces. I am constantly jealous of those people that get to live in year-round sunny climates. They can use their outdoor space more than a mere quarter of the year. This is all really dreaming for me because the closest thing I have is a 100 year old fire escape. But a girl can dream, right?

I've put together three very different starts to outdoor spaces. The first is kind of a glamorous bohemian approach. Still keeping it modern with the fire pit but with plenty of cozy accents. How incredible would it be to have that swing outside? The second look is mid-century modern. Imagine if Don Draper were to have his ideal outdoor space. You've got the requisite drink glasses, a beautiful wood chair and a touch of green to warm it all up. Lastly, I envisioned a classic space with a nautical flair. I couldn't resist that adorable banner. After all, I did teach sailing for 6 years during the summers growing up.

Which outdoor space speaks to you?

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