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It's been a while since I shared a few of my makeup favorites with you. Today on our June installment of Real Girl Beauty I'm going to let you know about some of my favorite new finds in the beauty world.

First up is Urban Decay Moondust Shadow in Cosmic. This does have glitter in it but it's just the right amount. I like to layer on top of other shadows to give it that extra special sparkle. Think of it like grown up fairy dust. It adds a little magic to your normal shadows. A tip for applying glitter is to gently roll your brush and press into lids instead of sweeping across. This will minimize glitter fallout.

Next up is the Too Faced Kabuki Brush. I'll confess right now that I sometimes just swipe this along my face without any product because it's so soft. It's also retractable so it makes the perfect travel companion!

You may have seen this on my Snapchat a month or so ago. I just can't get enough of this smokey warm scent, Whiskey by Commodity. They can barely keep it in stock at Sephora so you know it's good. I love a travel size like this because then you can really test out the fragrance before buying the large bottle.

Last but certainly not least. We have the Laura Mercier Artist's Palette. This palette is perfect for a hazel eyed girl like me. I love the rich purple shades and the creamy pale shades. It has qucikly become my go-to everyday palette.

That's it for now. Tune in next month for another fun installment of Real Girl Beauty.