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Saturday mornings are my favorite. The whole weekend lies ahead of you but you don't feel guilty snoozing a little longer in bed or wearing pjs past 10am. I love to sip coffee and catch up on blogs. This weekend, I added another new tradition, making bread. Along with the macarons, making bread has been on my list of almost-impossible-but-still-sort-of-doable baked goods. I found an incredibly easy recipe using a Dutch Oven and couldn't have been happier with the results. The bread was so delicious.

This weekend, I also tried out a new coffee system (two new things in one weekend!). I really love using the pour-over method. For a single gal like me, it is a great way to make a single flavorful cup of coffee. You just put the ground coffee in the filter and pour hot water over, right above the cup. And voila you have your very fresh coffee. Being from Seattle, I have always been loyal to Starbucks. The smell of the beans when you open the bag reminds me of Saturday mornings growing up. I love many of the blends, but this weekend I tried the Caffe Verona which is a dark roast with rich chocolatey taste. It went perfect with my homemade toast.

Can you believe this bread? It came out of MY oven.

There isn't a sight better than coffee in the morning!

What a perfect breakfast set-up!

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