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I went to an absolutely amazing wedding this past weekend. It was one of those weddings where you get so swept up in the wonderfully emotional aspect of it and before you know it, it's over and you didn't even take any pictures. I so wish I had some photos to share with you. Everything was so special...they handed out wildflower seeds as favors, the groom brewed beer especially for the occasion, there were heartfelt speeches (and some even dancing and lyrics) It was such an amazing day for the couple and all of the guests.

As I was getting ready, I just couldn't decide what kind of makeup to do for the wedding. I went over to my Pinterest beauty board for some inspiration. I love these looks below. They fall into two camps: the smoky eye with rosy cheeks and the natural eye with a bold lip. Each of these are perfect for a wedding and go with nearly every dress in your closet. I ended up going the smoky and rosy route because my dress was pretty colorful. You can decide just how smoky you go, depending on the time of day. I loved my look. Which direction would you choose?