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I'm lucky enough to be born only 2 days (and four years) apart from my sister. I have many wonderful memories of pool parties complete with ice cream cake and bowls of watermelon. This year for my sister's birthday I asked her what kind of cake she wanted. Any kind of cake. And she said she wanted Funfetti. I wasn't complacent just to whip up a box and call it a day. I made it a little fancier than your average cake.

Here are the steps to make a fancy Funfetti cake. Feel free to make whatever color you want and add all of the fun toppings to make it customized to the birthday recipient. My sister was having a nautical birthday so we went ocean-inspired.

You will need two packages of cake mix and two cans of frosting.

First mix the batter according to the box and pre-heat the oven. Separate out 1/4 of the mix into a small bowl. Pour the remaining 3/4 into a cake pan lined with parchment (it makes taking it out of the pan a breeze) and greased with oil.

In the small bowl. Put a few drops of blue food coloring.

Pour the blue mixture into the center of the white batter. 

Using a skewer, swirl around the blue batter.

I dare you not to lick the bowl. It is SO good. Repeat with the second box of cake mix. 

While the two cakes cool, separate one of the cans of frosting into three bowls (we'll come back to these later)

Using the other can, begin to assemble the cake by putting the first layer on a plate, topping with frosting and adding the second layer. Then add a very thin layer of frosting, called the crumb coat, to ensure the top frosting goes on smoothly.

Color the three bowls of frosting in graduating shades of blue. Keep the lightest shade quite light.

To create the ombre-effect I watched this super easy video and I think it turned out pretty great for not having a cake stand or an offset spatula.

Then I topped the cake with sea gummies from Sugarfina. Seriously, how cute are these little guys?!

Here's the final product. Now doesn't that look super-cute?

The birthday girl loved her cake. Happy Birthday sis!