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I have been wanting a lucite tray for awhile now. I love how it keeps things organized while immediately looking chic. So when the lovely ladies over at Katie Kime offered to send me one of their beautiful lucite trays, I was over the moon. They have a beautiful collection of high-quality trays with all sorts of lovely designs and monogramming options. Being a lover of all things black-and-white, I went straight for this black spotty one. I also got these adorable oyster napkins that are perfect for hot summer months. Every time I look at them I get a sudden craving for oysters.

My new tray made me want to whip up a summery, easy cocktail. Because sometimes you just an easy cocktail. Not too much fuss or complicated ingredients. Just something really simple. This recipe only calls for 3 ingredients. It's a dressed up vodka soda. I love these Dry sodas because they are low in sugar but super flavorful. I choose the vanilla kind but they have all sorts of tasty flavors, all under 100 calories. I mixed it with vodka and smashed blackberries to give color and a little tarteness. The lemon garnish also helps to counteract the sweet vanilla. You could make a variation using nectarines or even plums--whatever is in season. Simply muddle the fruit at the bottom and add the vodka and soda, then stir.

3 Parts Vanilla Soda
1 Part Vodka
3-4 Blackberries
Sliced lemon

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