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You know you have to try a place when it is everyone's go-to. I had been hearing whisperings about how amazing the Nob Hill Spa was at work. I mean if the ladies of Sephora are talking about it, it has to be good. So, I jumped at the chance when the Nob Hill Spa offered to have me try their new Gingergrass Bamboo Scrub. I went on a quiet Friday afternoon, a few days after my birthday as a way to celebrate being the big 2-9. I wanted to share my restful experience with you.

Even from walking through the doors of the Nob Hill Spa you feel immediately at ease. Behind a heavy wooden door lies a little oasis that is perfect for an afternoon escape. As I was escorted down to the spa area, I spotted the serene pool and the incredible view of downtown. Groups of people were lounging clad in fluffy robes catching up after a long week of work.

I was ready to unwind too after my wonderful week of birthday excitement. I changed into my swimsuit and super cozy robe and headed towards the pool. As I entered the pool area, a dapper waiter was looking for me carrying a frosty blood orange mimosa. I took the mimosa outside to the patio. It was a cloudy but muggy day so it was quite nice to sit outside and look over the city.

For a place in the heart of the city, the Nob Hill Spa manages to feel like a quiet oasis. I could even spot the signs in Union Square but the noise was minimal from the surrounding streets. If you haven't had a chance to sip a mimosa on a roof deck in a robe, I highly recommend it. I could have gone home at that point and felt like my experience was well worth it but there was much more relaxing to do. After finishing up my mimosa and feeling quite sleepy, I headed into the quieter relaxation room to recline on one of their cozy chairs (I mean look at those fuzzy pillows)

After I nearly fell asleep in the chair, my massage therapist came to get me for my treatment. It was time to try out the Gingergrass Bamboo Scrub. I have had a massage or a facial here and there but have never tried a scrub. I was excited to try a new treatment, especially when it sounded so tasty. When I entered the treatment room, Kate showed me the products she was going to use and gave me a rundown of the process. First, she explained that she was going to scrub my skin with a bamboo grains and a fragrant blend of ginger and lime oils that help stimulate blood flow, blue tansy that calms and smooths, fir oil that tones skin, sea algae that moisturizes and mineral silt to encourage cell renewal. With all of those powerhouse ingredients my skin would be primed to look amazing. Then she was going to apply a nourishing moisturizer to help the skin regenerate new cells.

The best way to describe the application of the scrub would be like getting a massage with exfoliator instead of oil. She really did an amazing job of covering all the spots that needed extra exfoliation like the elbows, knees, heels (especially in the summer). Once I was throughly scrubbed down, Kate stepped out so that I could shower and rinse off the scrub. She encouraged me to use the sachet of rice flour that she left in the shower to help remove the scrub. The sachet made my skin so soft.

After getting back onto the table, she massaged me with a rich cream of rose blossoms, concentrated silk extracts and plum wine serum (yum!) Like all spa treatments, when she announced that we had concluded the treatment, I wished I could stay on that massage table for another hour. I hazily stepped out of the treatment room and Kate was waiting for me with a cool glass of water and a chocolate.

I left that spa that day feeling restored and with the softest skin ever. Three days later, my skin is still feeling baby smooth. I had an incredible time at the Nob Hill Spa and can't wait to go back with friends. It is so comforting knowing that there is such a serene place in the middle of SF that I can go to to completely de-stress, have a wonderful treatment and sit by the pool. I will be back for sure! And next time you are in SF, I encourage you to experience it for yourself because there truly isn't anything else like it in the city.

This post was in partnership with the Nob Hill Spa. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the businesses that are featured on the blog!