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This weekend we had higher-than-normal temps in San Francisco. It is so funny because people in SF always complain that it's too cold then temperatures rise and they complain it's too hot. I mean come on people, enjoy the sunshine.

It was crazy warm and all I wanted to do was consume as many iced drinks as possible. These handy Starbucks Via Iced Coffees were perfect. All you have to do is add the packet to cold water and, almost like magic, ice coffee is created. I added a little milk and I was enjoying a tasty, refreshing treat in no time. I love how easy and portable they are. Imagine if you are running around and just pick up a bottle of water and add one of these? The perfect cold treat!

To pair with the ice coffee I wanted something that was tropical and refreshing as a dessert/snack/breakfast. I love how simple it is to make chia seed pudding. The texture is a bit like tapioca pudding but you get all of the nutrients (including lots of omega 3s) from the chia seeds. I like to top my pudding with some fresh fruit and coconut chips for a little crunch. These are the perfect warm weather treats because you can store in the fridge and they dont require any heat.

All you have to do for the chia seed pudding is mix together one can of coconut milk (lite or regular, it's your choice) with a 1/2 cup of chia seeds and three tbsp of honey or maple syrup. Then let sit overnight and serve the next day. Add fruit on top or chopped nuts or coconut pieces. The possibilities are endless.

Ice coffee glasses are from Not Neutral. Chia pudding glasses are from Cost Plus.

This post was done in collaboration with Starbucks. Thank you for supporting the brands featured on the blog!