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I like my candles like I like my perfume: it seems that there is one for every occasion. The smokey/moody ones are perfect for cold winter nights, the fresh florals are great for Sunday cleaning, the sweet ones are good for having people over. I could go on and on. I'm pretty sure that I have owned one of every candle from Anthropologie at some point in my life.

Given my love of candles, I decided that I might try and take matters into my own hands, and make candles of my own. I was wandering the isles of the craft store (as one does) and I saw this whole section on candle making. I was initially afraid because it seems like candle making is one step closer to being a cat lady. But hipsters are doing it, so it can't be that uncool. Yeah, that's what I told myself.

I grabbed the wax and wicks at the craft store. I visited a local natural store to pick up essential oil. You can also get it at Whole Foods for online from Amazon or Etsy. I prefer my candles pure white but you can pick up coloring wax at Amazon as well.

Soy wax chips
Bamboo skewers and rubber bands or clothes pins
Weck Jars
Essential oil

You don't specifically need Weck jars, you can really use any type of container but I like the utilitarian look of the Weck jar (plus you can reuse after your candle is finished)

Step No 1

It is pretty easy to make candles. First, assemble the ingredients. I found it pretty hard to estimate how much wax I needed for my candles. I heated up the amount in the bowl there and it only filled up one candle. I would recommend melting more wax than you think.

Step No 2

Most sites I read said to use a clothes pin to keep the wicks straight. I didnt have one so I made these makeshift wick holders using skewers cut in half and hair rubber bands. You can use either. I also recommend supergluing or hot glueing the wick to the bottom of the candle. This will keep it secure when you pour in the wax. I was moving the wick around and I think it caused the candle to cure in an odd way.

Step No 3

Melt the wax on your stove using a double boiler system. Put enough water in a saucepan to fill about an 1-1.5 inches from the bottom. Put a heatproof bowl over the top, ensuring that the water doesnt touch. Put on med-high heat and stir constantly. The goal is to get the wax to about 170 degrees.

Step No 4

After the wax is melted, add in your essential oil. You will only need to add a few drops. You want the ratio of oil to wax to be somewhere around 7-10%.

Step No 5

Wait until the wax is about 100 degrees then pour into your containers. I didn't wait and this resulted in cracked candles because they cooled too fast when they were poured in.

Step No 6

Allow wax to cool about 30-45mins. Then trim the wick so it is a few centimeters from the top of the wax. Light and enjoy your homemade candle! These would make awesome presents during Christmas, or the perfect favor for a bridal or a baby shower.