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I'm so excited to share this treat with you today. It involves cheese and wine--how could we go wrong? First off, I love entertaining people and I'm a firm believer that no matter how small your space, you can still throw a fabulous gathering. Just use what you've got!

Les Dauphins wines sent me three of their signature wines to try (just look at those beautiful labels!) and I thought it was the perfect excuse to throw a little shindig (key word being little since I live in a studio). Since they sent me three kinds of wines, I wanted to try each of them with the perfect cheese, fruit and meat pairing. In my mind all cheese goes with all wine (good + good = good) but having the right pairings really does bring out the best flavors in each of the wines.

I bought these itty bitty tasting glasses at Cost Plus because I thought they would be perfect for our tasting (and would make great little dessert dishes later on down the road) Then I set to work pairing the perfect foods with each of the wine. I like the idea of this tasting because guests can try different types of wine and create their own mini-wine flight.

What resulted was a crazy amazing spread with of every kind of cheese imaginable, delicious meats and fresh fruit. Here are some pairing recommendations so you can recreate on your own...

Les Dauphins - Rose
deliciously ripe strawberry aroma, full body with refreshing flavors of red cherries and strawberries
Cheeses: Goat cheese, Roquefort, Manchego
Charcuterie:  pork or duck rillettes, lamb terrine
Accompaniment: Strawberry, spinach and goat cheese salad

Les Dauphins - White
a fresh, floral nose, good minerality, bright acidity and citrus flavors on the palate
Cheeses: Brie, Camembert, Tallegio,
Charcuterie:  Jamon Serrano/Iberico, Chorizo
Accompaniment: Cashews

Les Dauphins - Red 
violet and earth aromas, soft palate with rich blackcurrant and spice flavors
Cheeses: Pecorino, Gouda,  Fontina
Charcuterie: salami, Bresaola,
Accompaniment: Smoked almonds

My last piece of advice is keep it super casual with how you serve everything. Use rosemary to add a little green and help separate the different areas. I also love the idea of using Weck jars with a votive for a little ambiance. 

Make sure to turn on some tunes. I always love some Bluegrass to set the mood. 

Never forget the flowers. These reminded me of the shades of the wine.

Create little markers denoting which cheeses go with what wines.

If you're guests are laughing and smiling then you've done your job. 

Create mini-flights with the tasting glasses. 

Finish it off with a nice piece of chocolate and a mini-glass of red. 

This post was done in collaboration with Les Dauphins Wines. Thank you for supporting the brands featured on the blog!