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As I mentioned earlier this week, I love being out on the water. There is something so incredibly soothing to me about the ocean. When I saw this beautiful Minted print of the swirling sea I knew it would be the perfect piece to add to my collection. The photograph is from Carole Crohan who won an award from Minted for this artwork. I had a hard time picking between all of the photography winners because everything was so beautiful.

I ultimately decided on this piece because it really spoke to me and was abstract enough to have versatility around my apartment. I thought that I would show you three of the ways that I am thinking of using the print. I love images like this because they have movement and texture and can be used in several different ways around your house.

So let me know which way do you like the artwork...

NO. 1 - Traditional wall mount

I really love how the artwork here plays off of the blue chair. Since most of my apartment is black and white, it is nice to have a little corner dedicated to blue. I also like the height of it here because it sort of invites you in to take a closer look. This area also gets beautiful light so the image sort of comes alive.

NO. 2 - Bar Backdrop

This was the original way I was thinking of using the photo--leaning on my bar as a way to add some visual interest to the bar area. I like how it gives depth and movement to the bar and adds some color. I really like leaning frames and I think this looks really nice here.

NO. 3 - Layered on the Desk

One of my favorite things to do is contrast objects. Something modern with something traditional. I like how these two frames play off each other and the ornate gold counterbalances the modern white. I also like how all of these objects feel collected and organized but not too cluttered. It's also nice to bring in the mirror to add a little light to this otherwise dark corner.

So there you have it. Three ways to style the same piece of artwork. Which direction would you choose to do in your home?

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