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I love the idea of gathering around warm cups of coffee and sweet treats during the afternoon as a break from the day. If only my busy schedule at work allowed for such luxuries! I'm lucky to squeeze in a few cups of green tea between afternoon meetings.

I've been dying to visit Turkey where they have elaborate tea and coffee services complete with all sorts of sweets. I always find making candy fascinating. How simple sugar and water can form all sorts of amazing treats always interested me. My love of all things rose-flavored and desire to challenge myself a little in the kitchen, lead me to make these rose Turkish delights. If you haven't had a Turkish delight before it is a soft gummy candy with nuts (according to Wikipedia, it inspired the jelly bean) They have been around for centuries and are popular in Greece, Romania and right here in the U.S.

I tried this recipe and, while challenging, it was definitely do-able. Next time I might venture for a more universally popular flavor since rose seems to be a little polarizing. They did turn out tasty though and the perfect companion for the coffee.

Now on to the coffee. Starbucks sent me three single origin coffees to try out and I thought that they would be the perfect pairing for my Turkish delight. I love the idea of single origin because it really makes you realize what impact the environment has on the bean itself. One of my favorite things to do at a winery is taste test wines from different vintages, altitudes or locations. All three of these things make such a profound difference on the taste of the wine, not unlike coffee.

These three coffees come from all over the globe: Rwanda, Timor (in Indonesia) and Guatemala. The different farming methods, altitudes and soil conditions shift the flavor of the beans so each of these three bags is distinctly different. I'm partial to the richness of the Guatemalan beans. It makes the perfect companion for the sweet, floral Turkish delights.

Now back to our lovely afternoon coffee break...

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