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The summer glow is fading but that doesnt mean that your makeup and skin can't look amazing in the fall. I have some wonderful new products to share with you. These are the products that I am most excited about these days and that I have been reaching for most often. Let's dig in...

While this color is a bit darker than I typically wear, it is perfect for fall. The moisturizing formula layers on to create a beautifully, saturated vampy color. It is the perfect compliment to cozy fall sweaters and otherwise minimalistic makeup. 

This stuff is crazy amazing. It says it hydrates for 26 hours, which is a bit of a stretch to me but it does keep my skin moisturized all day long. I bet if I didn't wash my face, it would continue working throughout the night. I just love how it sits under makeup and how it really does change the moisture level of my skin. I'd imagine it would work wonders if you lived in a dry, cold climate. 

What can I say? I'm on a bit of a Kevyn Aucoin kick lately. I really like the glow that this waterproof, 12-hour wear glow cream gives. It is very subtle so it looks natural and it really does last all day. Layered on top of the moisturizer above and my favorite liquid foundation, it really creates a pretty, natural look.  

On days when I need a little extra help, I reach for this YSL blur primer. I go back and forth between wearing primer and not but sometimes it helps to create a even-ing base for foundation. This primer does an incredible job of blurring imperfections. It is hard to describe but when you apply it, your skin looks more matte and evened-out. It also smells delicious which is an added bonus. 

In the beauty world, you can't watch a YouTube video without hearing about this product. I have to admit, it's not just part of a craze, it's actually a really amazing product. For those of you not super familiar with what a setting powder is, you apply it on top of makeup to "set" it or keep it in place. I use this powder around my eyes to prevent my concealer and eyeshadow from creasing. I also apply it on my t-zone to keep it matte all day. It layers on top of existing makeup and looks perfectly natural. 

So those are my latest beauty favorites. I have really been into perfecting the glowy look that has been all over the Spring 2016 shows. It starts with a great moisturizer (and a few hydrating masks) plus a blurring primer and a subtle highlighter. They all come together to give you a fresh, dewy glow. Perfect for the golden days of fall. Until next time real beauty girls...