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Of all of the spa treatments, I always gravitate to facials. I think it is because you can see the results for days afterwards. I love the combination of relaxation and serious treatment that a facial provides.

I was thrilled when Justine, founder of Skin Remedy, invited me to try one of their signature facials. I had heard a lot of buzz about Skin Remedy around the office at Sephora and, you know when people at Sephora are talking about it, it's bound to be good.

Skin Remedy is located on a quiet part of Sacramento street in San Francisco that consists mainly of home decor stores and a few fancy restaurants. When you enter, you walk down a narrow hallway to a beautiful garden complete with a trickling fountain.

The spa itself is located in a little in-law unit in the back of the main house. I find a lot of spas are dark and secluded and I actually really liked all of the natural light and the airy feel of Skin Remedy.

Inside, the decor is absolutely perfect. I walked in and nearly gasped at how cute the space was. I love all of the little touches that show that Justine is not only a gifted esthetician but also a decorator. All of the vintage touches make it feel inviting--like you are in a friend's house.

There are healthy snacks to nibble on and, of course, spa water to quench your thirst.

There is also a beautiful collection of jewelry and products to browse.

Justine also sells some of her own product at the spa. You can either purchase after your treatment or go online to their website.

Now let's get to the good stuff--the facial. As I mentioned, the treatment room is off of a little deck. The day I visited, the sun was shining outside and it was hot. Julie invited me into the treatment room where a light breeze was filtering through the curtains and the treatment bed was all laid out with a thin blanket. It almost felt like I was somewhere else, a tropical vacation or something. I liked not having the sleepy darkness that most spas have.

After I got situated on the table, Julie asked what my skin concerns were. I had gotten a pretty bad sunburn on my face from the day before (I was wearing sunscreen, I swear) so I wanted to be extra gentle on my skin. To me the most uniqiue and special thing about Skin Remedy is that they hand mix all of their masks on the spot and customize them to each client. Justine herself has a garden where she grows some of the ingredients for the treatment. 

After steaming my face for awhile, Julie mixed up a mask of goat's milk and pumpkin. She explained that the enzymes in the pumpkin help to exfoliate while still being gentle on the skin. The mixture was very cool and felt wonderful in the heat. It also smelled faintly of pumpkins. 

As the mask set on my face, she gave me a wonderful shoulder and arm massage. I don't know about you but I carry so much of my stress in my shoulders. It felt completely wonderful to relieve a little of that tension.

After removing the milk mask, Julie got to my favorite part: extractions. I am one of those crazy people that just love a good extraction and it is pretty much my favorite part of getting a facial. It isn't the most relaxing but you know that the end result will make it all worth it. 

With the extractions being done, Julie started to mix up a mask of oat, hyaluronic acid and kale. This ultra nourishing and calming mask was perfect for my burned skin. The mask smelled exactly like fresh kale and Julie showed me the bright green color from the kale. I felt like one of those stereotypical women with a green mask and cucumbers over their eyes in the movies. 

As that mask began to dry, I got a wonderful hand and foot massage. For someone who is incredibly ticklish, I am happy to grin-and-bear-it for a good foot massage. I liked the addition of the hand and foot massage because I typically feel gypped out on it when I get a facial. This was a nice balance of the two. 

After removing my mask, Julie cleansed my skin and applied Skin Remedy's own serum and moisturizer. As I sat up to get dressed, I couldn't stop feeling my face. I know it's not good to touch your face but it was so incredibly smooth, I couldn't keep from doing it.

If you can't tell already, I had the most incredible time at Skin Remedy. It was honestly the best facial experience that I have had in San Francisco so far. I will be going back for sure (perhaps quarterly?). I feel like I know a little inside secret of the ladies with the best skin in SF. Finding a good facialist is very tough--like finding a good dentist or waxer. Skin Remedy is definitely going on my list of favorites. I can't wait for my next trip back!

Thank you to the lovely Justine, who gave me a complimentary service. And thank you for supporting the wonderful brands featured on this blog.