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I like to pride myself on being a good gift giver. To me, giving a gift is like a challenge to give the most thoughtful gift. Do you remember that one time that your friend said that she liked lavender, then you give her a beautiful lavender pillow for her birthday? That's #winning. To help with this, I've started to jot down little notes as I notice people mentioning their favorite things. Then you don't have to rack your brain to try and come up with something when their birthday rolls around.

I was also recently introduced to Beach and Scott. Beach and Scott was founded by Maggie Krummel and was named after the cross streets in San Francisco where her and her boyfriend (now fiancee!) lived. It is a gift company that creates custom boxes filled with goodies for bath, home and kitchen. By providing Maggie a little background about the things I love, she was able to create the cutest custom box for me. I love this idea because you could provide a few details about your friend, family member, etc and she will pull together a box that reflects what they like. It makes gift giving easy but at the same time, still personal.

Let's see what was in my little gift...

How cute is this crate?

I received a beautiful candle, matches, tea, chocolates, a bath bomb and a body polish.

Just gorgeous!

You can find more info on their instagram at https://instagram.com/beachandscott/ She's hard at work getting even more amazing partners so I can't wait to see what the future holds for this amazing company!

This post was done in partnership with Beach and Scott. Thank you for supporting the brands featured on this blog.