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I'm so excited to share this post with you today. This weekend was a great one. My mom was here over the past couple of days. We had such a fun time exploring San Francisco, shopping (of course!) and relaxing. One of my favorite parts of the weekend was when she met my friends during brunch Sunday morning. When you are young and growing up, your parents know all of your friends but as you get older and move away, they aren't as familiar with them. They only hear about them through stories "Brooke and I went hiking." "Kelli and I are going on a trip." But it is so much better when they can put faces to names. It meant so much to me that my mom was able to meet the ladies that are my sounding board, my workout buddies and are always up for a glass of wine.

Brunch with the ladies gave me the perfect chance to try out my new Ringly ring. If you can believe it, that chic white ring is actually connected to my cell phone. I should add a bit of clarification here that the pictures are of my friend Brooke wearing the ring (who is most graciously my model 90% of the time) so I could play photographer. It is a smart ring that connects to your cell phone via the Ringly app. You can connect all sorts of notifications to the ring like your phone calls, emails, texts and even Tinder (yes, Tinder).

The ring can be programed to different colors and vibration patterns for email, text etc. For example, this green light indicates that I received a text. If I was waiting on someone that was maybe going to show up late or waiting to receive a call, I could get back to them. Since we were at brunch there was no need to get back to anyone! It was so nice to put my cell phone back in my purse knowing that if someone really needed to get a hold of me, I would be notified. It gave me a chance to be fully present at brunch and enjoy the moment. 

Wouldn't want to distract from this amazing croissant! 

I've also set up my work email so I know if I receive an email on there but I decided to leave my gmail off (no need to know when J.Crew is emailing) It gives me piece of mind knowing that if an important work email comes in I will know but no need to worry about it until it does. I also like that I can tell if my phone is ringing. This sounds silly but I miss my phone so much because I can't hear the ringtone or it's turned on silent. 

Overall, I have really enjoyed wearing my Ringly. It does take some getting used to because you have to remember what the colors and vibration patterns mean. But once you get the hang of it, it becomes a really helpful (and beautiful!) piece of technology. I've also found that it is a great conversation piece. People are first interested in how beautiful the ring is then, when the find out it is connected, they are blown away. It is the first piece of technology that I've worn that seamlessly fits with my other jewelry. I look forward to continuing to wear it and making the most out of it! 

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