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Winter is coming and instead of hiding under all of those layers, I've decided to hunker down and try to be a little healthier. I'm headed to Hawaii in just a few months and I want to feel my best. Working toward a goal is always helpful for me. Here are a few things I've added to my daily routine to make the road to healthy just a little easier:

Tracking Food - There are a million and one apps out there for tracking meals but I've found that I really like Lifesum. Just writing down food helps to acknowledge that you ate it. Sounds deceptively simple but now I think about that extra snack at work because then I'd have to add it to my daily tally. It has also helped me notice trends. Like when I start with a healthy breakfast, I'm more likely to keep it up throughout the day. The other nice thing is that it syncs with my Jawbone UP so I can add the steps I walk to my day.  Just adding this little app has helped me be more mindful of what I'm eating and the exercise I'm doing to help offset it.

Tea - I've been trying to cut back on how much caffeine I drink. While I'm not one of those crazy venti latte add 4 shots, I do tend to drink the strong "hipster" coffee that feels like it has about 10x more caffeine than Starbucks. Tea also seems to help with cravings. When I have a nice tea, it helps to satisfy the need for a sweet treat (to a certain extent, after all this tea isn't magical) Also, bringing tea in helps me save money (those hipster coffees really do add up)

New Clothes - It seems comical that this is even a bullet but it is SO true. New workout clothes are a great way to motivate me to go to the gym. There are so many great new styles out there. I love a good mesh panel to make a simple black pant feel more fun.

Good Snacks - All of the snacks on this page are from a really good Real Simple article that provides creative ideas for snacks. The key to not feeling hungry is snacking on foods that will keep you full longer. Those baked Cheetos sure are heaven but they aren't going to fill you up through that workout. I've been relying on articles like these to help me shake up my go-to snacks.

Flavored Water - I'm actually not one of those people that has a hard time drinking water. I think since discovering I feel so much better with it, I can't stop drinking it. I drink two 1L bottles a day at work plus a few more glasses at home. I like flavoring water with lemon and mint or grabbing my favorite La Croix water in coconut for a refreshing treat.

Reading - I know this list seems primarily about eating and working out but I had to include reading in a new lifestyle for me. Reading really helps me wind down and sleep better. I just finished Mindy's new book and absolutely loved it. If you are looking for a new book, I highly recommend. There is something a book can give you that watching TV just can't. It's also nice to just focus on one thing for a change, rather than watching your show, while simultaneously checking Instagram and texting.

So that is what I'm doing to set myself up for success going into the holidays. What about you? How do you get and stay healthy?

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